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Services Offered by Toledo Press Industries

TPI has top level press experience to service and repair all of the presses that it sells.

TPI offers 24/7 service support that is dependable and professional. We understand that if a machine is not running, the company is not making money.

Call TPI for Stamping Press Service, Hydraulic Press Service, Press Modifications, Stamping Press Control Upgrade and any other press related projects.

TURNKEY INSTALLATION: TPI will provide a full turnkey system for any of our products. Our customers can issue one purchase order for the entire project, including one stamping press or a fully automated Transfer Press. Services include Foundation Design, Transportation, Installation, Integration and long term service. Our project managers utilize the latest Project Management Software to insure all projects are on time.

ENGINEERING SUPPORT: The experienced process engineers at TPI will assist you in planning and executing your next project through its entire duration. Engineering Services include press repair, press modification and new press controls.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUPPORT: TPI will project manage your turnkey system at your request, including project management, transportation, heavy rigging, light rigging and system commissioning.

Training: TPI will provide hands-on and classroom training for operation and maintenance.

Maintenance: The technicians at TPI will provide your pressroom with full maintenance and repair schedules.

Parts: TPI carries a large inventory of JIER parts and purchased components which allows for a quick response time and repair.