2000 Ton Muller Hydraulic Press

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Inventory #500573
Bed Size: 4000mm x 2200mm


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Inventory #500573
Bed Size: 4000mm x 2200mm
Manufacaturer: Muller
Double Column Hydraulic Drawing Press
Year: 1973/99
Capacity: 2000 Tons
Table Dimensions: 4000mm x 2200mm
Distance between Columns: 4150mm
Slide Stroke: 1450mm
Distance Table/Ram - Maximum Stroke Up - Adjustment up to 2750mm
Ram Capacity: 1300 Tons
Blank Holder Capacity: 700 Tons
Stroke of Blankholder at Adjustment Down: 1000mm
Blankholder Dimensions: 4000mm x 2200mm
Ram Dimensions: 3200mm x 1650mm
Drawing Cushion in Table Capacity: 360 Tons
Die Cushion Stroke in Table: 275/400mm
Side Window: 1100mm